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Every sinner has a future.
Every saint has a past.
Even if we cannot change into a saint we can at least change into a human.

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About Us

About how the JeevaVirutcham Trust was started:

I always noticed poor people since childhood when I was in school. The reason was that I was never in want, thanks to the Lord. During that time, many thoughts rose within me. As a result, I started searching for whether God existed or not. I had an experience with God. It was clear to me that God revealed Himself through people. I realized that God’s total personification is indeed of love and charity.

I started seeking for all the places where God revealed Himself. Since I am a Christian, the words from the Bible themselves started speaking in my mind a lot. As a result, I published a book in 2004 under the title “You can do it”. The kernel of the book is “Saying that even you can experience God, you can become God and what we can do to change poor peoples”.

The light of the book that I wrote did not go and reach the right part of the world.But I continued to bask in the light. I thought of how the world is in darkness and was sad. But yet I did not lose heart. As a result of this, a kind of perseverance developed within me. I did not like to live as per the motto “We came, we lived, we went” but instead started to act with the idea of helping others as much as I could. At this time, an event upset me a lot. And that was that there were many people who earned money by talking about God’s words. I contemplated on how to bring the awareness of this to people. The result was the organization called JeevaVirutcham.

The kernel of the tree planted (JeevaVirutcham) by our ancestors is a collection of many good ideas and concepts. The purpose of this organization is to create awareness about God. If we share our thoughts, we all can achieve what we wish for.

I kindly request all those who read the form attached herewith to fill it out. This is a form for unifying all of us.

I would like to make an entry here very clearly. We do not have to be unified with regard to religion, language or caste. It is sufficient, if we get united with a good person, with benefit for human beings.

I would like to kindly inform you that it will be announced very soon when we all can meet together.
Thank you.

P. A. Rajan


1. Blood donation.

2. Creating awareness by organ donation and full body donation.

3. Arranging for help for studies for children whose parents are unable to send them to school.

4. Supporting those that need help.

5. Bringing about awareness about God.

6. Arranging for help for those who are slaves to drug addiction and who wish to be free from it and think that they are unable to do so.


1. This organization will not operate in affiliation with any one division. For example, it will operate without any partiality based on caste, religion, language and whether one is poor or rich.

2. This organization will never change into an organization affiliated to any politics at any time.

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